In the mid 1960s Mike owned and operated The Omnibus Coffee House, just a few blocks off the Sunset Strip.  It’s location and odd hours quickly made it a favorite among performers and ‘night owls’.

Serving coffee, sandwiches and soup, it became known as a safe place for runaway kids too, and Mike helped many such children find their way back home.  We get emails from them now and then, thanking him for turning their lives around for the better!

It was always an open mic night at The Omnibus, and some of the performers that played there include Micky Dolenz (he plays a mean jazz guitar) and Jose Feliciano.

Being a strictly sober individual, Mike still became friends with Jim Morrison (of the Doors)  He also helped start the ‘Love In’s’ and was friends with Aron Kay (the Yippie Pieman) before he started throwing pies!

After selling the Omnibus in 1967, Mike traveled north, to the bay area….and began teaching (click on the Education button).