Mike first started creating his stained glass artwork in Texas in the 1970’s. These are some of his early work.

A real favorite, the Madonna and Child. This was lent to a friend of Mike’s, she, and the window, had vanished.  If anyone has seen it, please contact us.  This is an award winning window.

Another missing work, we’d love to know where it is!

The photos directly above were made for a resturant in Tallahasse, FL, the owner died before the order was completed and so he gave the completed work to the owners widow. The resturant was never built. We have no idea what happened to the windows.

A seperate shell window by Mike, the shell is in a fishes mouth!


Tree of Life by Mike Raven.  Missing.

The fly, that is Mike in the reflection.

Bedroom window, leaves…love this one!

Mike, in his studio in Charleston, OR, early 1980’s this photo was take by Mike,  you can see another Madonna and Child, also missing.



Mike designed his own glass cutter and yes, we have some, but no, they are not for sale.  If you are a skilled glass cutter, he MAY sell you one, but maybe not.

Mike on the cover of The Encyclopedia of Working With Glass, that was the year he won several awards for his work.


Article on Mike, stained glass, and Rowdy, his first Mastiff.


Article about the Raven Glass Cutter.


Another article about Mikes stained glass work.

Mike with Caprice Amick, mother of his son, Merlin.

Mike holding Merlin, with Caprice, circa 1981, Charleston, OR.

Mike also did some experimental woodworking and made this Rocking Chair.

He also made this chair, and sold it to Charlie Watters, of the Dallas Cowboys!