Manumit School, Bucks County


Mike himself attended the first IGC (intellectually gifted children) class in NYC at PS 33. Mrs. Brown was his teacher. At the age of 10 he then spent a very happy time at Manumit School in  Bucks County, Penn.  He boarded there under a different last name, since there was a custody dispute at the time between his parents, but that was fine, his nickname at the school was ‘Gulliver’ since he loved to wander off into the woods and pastures when he should have been in class.  Some of Mikes fellow alumni of that school include Lee Marvin and Madeline Kahn.  Mike was eventually expelled because of his wandering ways, but so was Lee, so he really doesn’t feel too bad.

 After Attending Hollywood High School, Mike moved to NYC to live with his father, and he attended Columbia Universary, albeit, for only a short while.  The Civil Rights movement got in the way.

After moving to Sasalito, CA, Mike became involved in Shasta Free School, which was devoted to High School Age students who couldn’t work well in a traditional school environment.  He began a ‘survival class’.

Brochure for The Shasta Free School, that is Mike on the bottom row, right.


The DUK seen above was turned into a motorhome by Mike and his students, they drove it across the US, feeding the homeless and even getting shot at while in New Mexico. In NYC it made news, and after driving through a huge snow storm up the east coast, they were stopped in Quebec and accused of being ‘hippie terrorists’. They wern’t, of course.

If any of Mike’s former students recognize themselves here, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!


The 82 foot schooner was traded to Mike for a pick up truck, many of the students stayed with Mike to sail this boat, The original name of it was the ‘William J. Ellison’.  Built about 1935.  It was a half size blue nose schooner.  Mike re-named it ‘The Eclypse’ because on their first voyage, they sailed through a hurricane and ended up at PEI, the clouds cleared and then suddenly it became dark, the total Eclipse of the sun was taking place.

Hash, the wonder dog.

Article on Mike and his students.

Later on, while living in Florida, Mike got involved with another alternative school.